Pre-KG Program

The main purpose of the Pre-KG program is to assist children to form satisfactory foundations for their learning at the Kindergarten level. Children are introduced to a variety of activities and directions on a daily basis, which encourage them to acquire better practical-life skills, and enhanced academic concepts. The Pre-KG child is not necessarily requested to master all these concepts by the end of the school year, Maximum respect is constantly paid to their individual paces of development and absorption.

The Pre-KG syllabus sets numerous goals categorized into several fields of the early childhood development. Although it also embraces a unique academic enhancement program, the highest priorities of the educational activities are placed on children's well-balanced, whole personal growth. For this reason, children are assessed with regard to all the developmental fields, avoiding overly noting on their academic achievements. Assessment is performed at the end of each term by the child's daily behavior and learning attitude, as well as regular formal assessments and paper samplings.

In order to ensure effective learning and absorption, we take different approaches using demonstrations, hands-on sessions, attractive songs, fun games and other materials, and stimulate children to use their own skills and senses to explore the given concepts. Through these activities, children are constantly encouraged to develop longer focus, deeper concentration, and careful observation.


The Language Arts program in KG is comprehensive and develops reading, writing, and oral comprehension skills. Math and Science are included as formal subjects. In math, students learn the names and numbers and values. Science Skills encourage students to explore the environment around them by using very hands-on tactics.


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