Students' Corner

In the school hall, voices rang clear and bright,
Elocution mastery, a captivating sight.

Each student poised, with words finely spun,
Expressing thoughts, their eloquence won.

Speak out competition 2024 at JISK: a competition where confidence and skill unite.

Vanshika Vijai
(Winner, 6B)

Destinee Sele-Nubean
(1st runner up, 6B)

Bryan Lombelelo Kakesa
(2nd runner up, 6B)

Krish Sharma
(Winner, 7A)

Dharmani Manav Anilkumar
(1st runner up, 7A)

Niloufer Marie-Claire Nanji
(2nd runner up, 7A)

Trinity Asinda Sikabwe
(2nd runner up, 7A)

Ahil Ali Dharani
(Winner, 7B)

Sarah James Munyange
(1st runner up, 7B)

Ramyashree Kadapa
(2nd runner up, 7B)


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